Lirik Lagu Sing off Tiktok Songs Part 14 - Reza Darmawangsa vs Eltasya Natasha (Cupid, Angels Like You, Rahmatun Lil Alameen)

Lirik Lagu 'Sing-off Tiktok Songs Part 14'

If this night is not forever
At least we are together
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

My Stupid Heart - Walk off the Earth
My stupid heart
Don't know
I've tried to let you go
So many times before
Then wound up at your door

Spirits - The Strumbellas
I got guns in my head and they won't go
Spirits in my head and they won't go

December - Neck Deep
That's the last thing I remember
It's been a long lonely December

Flowers - Miley Cyrus
I can buy myself flowers

Stereo Hearts Feat. Adam Levine - Gym Class Heroes
Thought love was dead, but now you're changing my mind
My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-ote

Right Now - One Direction
You know I can't fight the feeling
Right now
I wish you were here with me

Shinunoga E-Wa (死ぬのがいいわ) - Fujii Kaze
nata toko no mama o saraba suru yori
Shinu no ga ī wa

See Tình - Hoang Thuy Linh
Giây phút em gặp anh là em biết em see tình
Tình tình tình tang tang tính tang
Tình tình tình tang tang tang

Kun Anta - Humood Alkhudher
Kun anta tazdada jamala

Kangen - Dewa 19
Semua kata rindumu semakin membuatku tak berdaya

Bichi dweeojuo Oh Halazia

Dusk Till Dawn - Zayn Malik
But you'll never be alone
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
But you'll never be alone
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here

Dil Ko Karaar Aaya - Yasser Desai & Neha Kakkar
Dil ko karaar aaya

Starboy - The Weeknd
Allah, protect me from the kafireen!
Some go the right way,
Yeah they call me the Halal Boy

Castle on the Hil - Ed Sheeran
I'm on my way
Driving at 90 down those

Urin deo keuge shout out

Players - Coi Leray
'Bout to catch another flight
The apple bottom make 'em wanna bite

Капибара (Capybara) - Сто-Личный Она-Нас
Capybara capybara capybara capybara

Boy's a liar Pt. 2 - Ice Spice, PinkPantheress
But I don't sleep enough without you
And I can't eat enough without you (huh)
If you don't speak, does that mean we're through? (Huh)
Don't like sneaky shit that you do

SHAUN - Way Back Home feat. Conor Maynard
Even when we go through changes
Even when we're old
Remember that I told you
I'll find my way back home

Bones - Imagine Dragons
I-I-I got this feeling, yeah, you know
Where I'm losing all control
'Cause there's magic in my bones

Rungkad - Happy Asmara
Saiki aku wes sadar
Terlalu goblok mencintaimu

About You - The 1975
I think about you

Rahmatun Lil'Alameen - Maher Zain
Yaa habiibii yaa shafii’i yaa Rasula Allah
Bi ummi wa abi, fadaytuka sayyidi
Sholatun wa salam, ‘alayka yaa Nabi
Habibi ya Muhammad
Atayta bissalami wal huda, Muhammad
Habibi ya, ya Muhammad
Ya rahmatan lil’alameena ya Muhammad

Cupid - Fifty Fifty
I'm feeling lonely (Lonely)
Oh, I wish I'd find a lover that could hold me (Hold me)
Now, I'm crying in my room
So skeptical of love

Angels Like You - Miley Cyrus
Baby, angels like you can't fly down hell with me

Ready For Love - Blackpink
La-la-la, la-la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la-la

FLOWER - Kim Ji-soo
Kkothyanggiman namgigo gatdanda